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Philippine Internet Archive


The Philippine Internet Archive is a new research institute founded on the premise that the history of the Philippine internet is the history of the Filipino people.

In an age of revisionism, disinformation, and repression, its work envisions a nation with a rebuilt relationship to technologies that empower us as stewards of both individual & collective memory. We work with particular care towards identities that have historically been written out of the internet. The Philippine Internet Archive is concerned with preservation of digital work, movements, cultures, and art; the media archaeology of the Philippines; and education towards new ways of communal being online / offline.

It was founded in January 2023, and is a deep work in progress.



We are currently producing KAKAKOMPYUTER MO YAN! to showcase artistic & literary work about Filipino internet & networking cultures.

By the end of 2023, we aim to begin publishing print + digital interviews, timelines, and materials.

We produce other interventions such as the Philippine Cassette Archive.


1.) Researching & publishing on internet history (print/digital)
2.) Supporting art on Filipino internet culture via KAKAKOMPYUTER MO YAN


1.) Teaching on digital justice, preservation, and folk archival
2.) Preserving the Filipino web

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Submit leads for interviews, sources, etc. (including yourself/your community) by email or Google Form.

Support Us

We are independently-funded. Donate via PayPal or reach out if interested in partnering/sponsoring.


The Philippine Internet Archive is founded and stewarded by (budding) archivist Chia Amisola.

Under Developh, a community of critical practice reclaiming technology as a tool for liberation rather than oppression established in 2016.

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Contact us at philippineinternetarchive@gmail.com