Philippine Internet Archive


The Philippine Internet Archive preserves the Filipino internet and seeks for us to be better caretakers for digital history, made and in the making.

A new initiative to archive and investigate Filipino internet history & culture—making identifiable & accessible a history that is irreversibly intertwined with the web's grain. Our politics, lives, and spirits cannot be decoupled from the web's force, and it is time to take control of our identities and history on this ephemeral form.

We are principled against revisionism, aiming to uplift counternarratives to the Filipino internet and amplify hyperlocal contexts that have been historically written out of history.


KAKAKOMPYUTER MO YAN! (Open for submissions until February 4th, 2023.)
Philippine Cassette Archive
Workshops & Talks with Developh
Philippine Internet Timeline


1.) Publishing on Philippine Internet History—timelines, key institutions/individuals, and communites
2.) conducting interviews with these figures
3.) web archiving radical sites.

If our work is of interest to you, do reach out.


The Archive is founded and stewarded by Chia Amisola.

It is in partnership with Developh, also founded by Chia, a community of critical practice reclaiming technology as a tool for liberation rather than oppression.

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